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Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable and resilient flooring options available. Long a favorite of Chicago homeowners, vinyl flooring has evolved to include almost every color and pattern imaginable. Vinyl flooring is available in sheets and individual squares (tiles) and can be installed over concrete, old ceramic tile, wood or non-cushioned vinyl flooring via self adhesive or glue-down backing. Stability and water resistance make vinyl a good choice for any room at, above or below grade level.

Aside from color and pattern variations, the next biggest consideration you’ll face when choosing vinyl flooring is  the surface coating, sometimes called wearlayer. Vinyl flooring is covered with one of three surface coatings to resist dirt, stains and scuff marks:

  • Vinyl No-Wax; ideal for areas with light traffic and minimal exposure to dirt.

  • Urethane; better for areas with normal to heavy traffic. Urethane resists scuff marks and scratches from sliding chairs and also cleans up easily.

  • Enhanced Urethane; the highest quality surface coating. Enhanced urethane is designed to handle the heaviest traffic while offering the greatest stain and scratch resistance. It also maintains its original luster longer than other coatings.

There are two types of vinyl flooring: inlaid and printed.

  • Inlaid vinyl imbeds color granules into the vinyl sheet for a richer finish. Colors are an integral part of the product and can’t be scraped or worn away

  • Printed vinyl is produced much like ink on paper. Colored inks are printed onto the flooring sheets but could wear away with heavy use.

The backing is the final element of a vinyl floor. It provides an additional layer of moisture and mildew resistance. Backing is also responsible for the resiliency that vinyl is noted for. The type of backing also determines the type of adhesive required for installation. We can professionally install all the products our many suppliers have to offer. Take a look at their offerings via the links on this page and give us a call with any questions you might have.

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