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Wall to wall carpeting has been the floor covering of choice in many Chicago homes for decades. Styles are constantly evolving and leaving with us with memories (and remnants) that sometimes beg the question, "what were we thinking?". But times and tastes change, and rooms inevitably need to be redecorated. Today there are more choices than ever. More styles, colors and price ranges than you have time to sort through let alone choose for your home. We'll help you wade through the myriad of decisions you need to make to find the best carpet for your situation. Since we only carry carpeting brands from those manufacturers whose quality meets our own high standards, you can be sure your new carpet will last well beyond whatever trends come its way. Click on the links below to visit our suppliers' sites and learn more about their offerings. When you find what you're looking for there, let us know and will let you give you a pricing and installation quote.


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