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Chicago area rugs




Chicago's Finest Area Rugs.

The terms carpet and rug are sometimes used interchangeably. A rug generally is a textile floor covering that is not fastened down and that does not cover the entire floor. Carpet has come to be defined as a floor covering that is installed and fastened down from wall to wall. Area rugs are a great way to accent your décor and have many practical benefits. They can add warmth to a room by taking the chill off of cold floors and by creating a feeling of intimacy. They can also help reduce the noise level in a room by absorbing sounds that might otherwise reflect off of hard surfaces such as walls and uncovered floors. At Windy City Carpets, we offer area rugs in an extensive variety of styles, colors and patterns. Take a look at our suppliers’ web pages below and give us a call to discuss your particular needs. Marlene is always available for a free professional décor consultation to help you make the perfect selection.

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